I met Ivar Ingimarsson when our kids went to School together and from this chance meeting, we decided to create an ‘idea’ web site. Here’s a taster:

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We created this web site to help people globally turn thoughts into value and benefit.

Ideas-Shared is a unique social platform for change and improvement that can be used by individuals, business and communities alike.

Ivar Ingimarsson, co-founder Ideas-Shared

Ivar Ingimarsson

Ideas-Shared enables anyone to signup and list ideas, problems, articles, questions, solutions and blasts – whilst at the same time asking for specific help to resolve problems and develop ideas.

Blended with social and project tools, Ideas-Shared let’s you innovate and change with anyone across the globe in more than 100 categories.

So what would you like to develop, change, improve, sell, ask, warn and overcome… come and have a look, you’re very welcome!

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