Lifeplus International

Bob Thompson reading LifePlus magazine with products

Since 1991, I’ve looked at many different network marketing companies and purchased and used many different products.

However, the one that I always come back to, due to the benefits I receive is Lifeplus.

Lifeplus offers a huge range of health products, available in more than 40 countries and I recommend them whole-heartedly. I personally use many of products including Daily Biobasics, Somazyne and Lyprinex. To learn more about these please click here.

Now, Network Marketing is an imperfect business model in an imperfect world and as a ‘professional buyer’ I cannot promote the hype surrounding the Industry, that’s why I created MLMBuyer.Com.

Lifeplus underpins the better buying methodology outlined in my MLM Buyers Guide, exclusively available from MLMBuyer.Com – a unique educational eBook, a social platform with a business building process and mindset all wrapped into one!

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